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Björk returned to the studio during 1994 to work on her next solo album with Nellee Hooper, Tricky, Graham Massey of 808 State, and electronic music producer Howie B. The album, Post, contained songs based on Björk's relationships and songs about love (one of her favorite subjects), as well as some angry and confrontational material. Like "Debut," it was a collection partly made up of songs she had written in past years.

Audio samples of Björk
"Crying" (file info)
from Debut - Though Björk's early solo work are all firmly rooted in dance, her vocal phrasing was already distinct and unusual.
"Isobel" (file info)
from Post - This song, from Björk's sophomore album, sees her accentuating her pop sensibility. Post would allow her to experiment with genres ranging from trip-hop to 40s Pop.
"Hunter" (file info)
from Homogenic - A clip from Björk's third solo studio album, here she plants herself firmly within electronica.
"Unison" (file info)
from Vespertine - As Björk's sound evolved, she has shown a tendency towards minimalism.
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She wrote the song "Bedtime Story" for Madonna's 1994 album Bedtime Stories (parts of which Björk reused in her own song "Sweet Intuition", released as a b-side on the 'Army Of Me' single) and performed on MTV Unplugged during this time. By 1995, the new album Post was ready; it was released in June, reaching number two on the UK's album charts, and also went platinum in the United States. January of 1997 saw the release of Telegram, an album of uncharacteristic remixes of songs from Post.


このアルバムでイチバン『スキ』なのは④“It's Oh So Quiet"


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